Updated April 7, 2020:

Hi. I’m Bill Murphy Jr., the guy behind Understandably…, a new, daily email newsletter.

I’m also a contributing editor at Inc.com, where I have the #1 column with about 3 million readers a month.

Here are some real, no-kidding reader comments about Understandably…, plus links to a few emails I’m especially proud of. Then at the end, of course I’ll ask you to sign up.

  • “Just wanted to say I love your writing!” — L.B.

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  • “I really enjoy your newsletter, it's everything I would want to write myself: succinct, witty, informative, with heart.” — M.M.

  • “Your email newsletter always gets me thinking about the 'what ifs' and possibilities, without being judgmental or preachy.” — R.M.

  • “THANK YOU! Keep up the good work.” — C.P.

  • “This one ☝️ is in your top five. Pretty powerful thoughts to wake up to. Thanks so much!” — W.C.

  • “Thank you for your writing - I always learn something and enjoy the time I spend reading. (And it's clear you enjoy the writing process as well.)” — W.S.

  • “Keep up the good work. I've enjoyed your writing and these newsletters since the Inc. days!” — P.S.

  • “Great morning read to start my day. You are doing great! Keep up the great work!” — P.M.H.

  • “Once again, your email newsletter presents a new way to look at an issue or event. So much better than all the stagnant content being recycled out there.”

  • “Your daily emails are reliably 4-5 stars. I read them in their entirety and click on about half the links. Thank you!” — B.L.

  • “I read Understandably every day. It's part of my routine when I get to work!” — G.W.

  • “Love Understandably. The articles are inspiring and informative.”— R.P.

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  • “I don’t know how you do it, but this is my very favourite newsletter out of the 1 billion I read. I open it as soon as I see it in my inbox and read the whole thing. Thank you for making my mornings great!” O.R.

  • “Walk-in, make a coffee, open my emails, read Understandably.” — H.Y.

  • “I started following you on Inc. but I think I like this newsletter better!” — B.G.

  • “Great, great email today! I enjoy getting Understandably each day.” — A.M.

  • “Good stuff Bill. The last couple of days have struck me as some of your best material. Keep up the good work!” L.L.

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Also, here are a few of my favorite recent entries. I mean, they’re all good, but I thought I did especially well these days:

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