I have never once spelled that word correctly on the first try. Plus, it's opposite day here at Understandably. And 7 other things worth your time ... and also an important link to check out.

Most days, I send you a roughly 1,500-word email. Today, with the weekend coming up, I’m going to ask you to send me something.

It’ll be quick: a fast, easy 15-question (anonymous) multiple choice survey, which you can find here.

Check out the survey

When you hit “submit” on the survey it will forward your answers to me anonymously. (Have I sufficiently emphasized anonymously?)

Why am I asking for this? Well, Understandably has grown quite a lot in the last few months, and I’m thinking about two things:

  1. Growth and how to manage it—improving this newsletter (and the other related projects I want to do) without undermining the things people already enjoy.

  2. Sponsorships. Yes, I’ve been talking with some potential sponsors. They’re interested, but also eager to know a bit more overall demographic data.

I really hope you’ll fill out the survey. But, even if you just click through to read the questions, you’ll learn something about the direction I hope to take this all in.

One last thing before you click that button. It’s been nearly a month since we added member subscriptions. To those of you who have become paid members, thank you!

I promised we’d do extra things for members (besides the free newsletter), and I’m excited to say the first thing is that we’ll be resuming the group video interview series, much as we did with ski champion Bode Miller in December.

My #1 criteria for these interviews is that the guests have to be compelling and worth your time. (Members are invited to join over Zoom, ask questions, etc.) Among our initial lineup:

Exact times and dates are TBD but we will be starting soon. Oh, and we’ll have book giveaways and other things like that for members who participate. (Suggestions for more guests are welcome, of course.)

OK, that’s it. I tried to make the survey easy and maybe even a little entertaining, so I hope you’ll check it out.

Fine, I'll check out the survey!

7 other things worth your time

Keeping these a bit short today because… well, because I really hope you’ll check out the survey!

  • Israel and Hamas agreed to a cease fire, which should be in effect by the time you read this Friday. (NBC News)

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stand today in his company’s court case with Epic Games, which was “kicked out of Apple's App Store last summer for flouting Apple's rules on digital payments.” (CNN)

  • The U.S. Army had to disable comments on a series of new recruiting videos, after commenters attacked the videos for depicting a soldier (a real person) who discussed growing up with two moms. Army spokesperson: “Out of respect for our soldiers and their families, we have disabled the comments.” (Task and Purpose)

  • New York and Maryland joined the vaccine lottery trend: NY has a $5 million prize for people who get the vaccine; Maryland is doing something similar with a $2 million prize. (Axios, CBS Local)

  • Pediatricians say they’re seeing “alarming weight gain” in kids during the pandemic. “I’ve been really shocked,” said Rachana Shah, medical director of the healthy weight program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. (WSJ)

  • Bidding for the one free seat on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket (Jeff Bezos’s company) has reached almost $3 million for the roughly 11 minute trip (about 4 or 5 minutes of weightlessnes). (Business Insider, Blue Origin)

  • Lou Ferrigno, who played The Hulk on TV in the 1970s, and who has dealt with hearing loss almost his entire life, is sharing the story of getting a cochlear implant at age 69, and "hearing some sounds for the first time.” (People)

OK, I'll check out the survey.

Thanks for reading. No stars, no hearts, no “comment below” today: Please: Check out the survey!