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What was the biggest story of 2019? We might all have different answers for that.

However, my friend and colleague Justin Bariso wrote the 87th “most engaging story” in the world this year, according to a data analytics company called Chartbeat.

His headline: It Took Elon Musk Only 10 Words to Reveal Why You Should Never Want to Work for Tesla. Justin wrote it last January, after Musk sent a 1 a.m. email to all Tesla employees.

It's worth a look. (He reads this email newsletter, by the way. Hey Justin!)

But it's also fascinating to look at the 99 other stories on the top 100 list.

What I like about this list is that it’s objective: based on “engaged minutes,” and compiled by a company that counts many of the world’s biggest publishers among its clients.

It shows that while we might tell people that we’re interested in one thing, our browser histories tell a different story. Here’s a sample:

There goes your morning, right?

There were 87 English-language posts on the list (the others are in Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese). Some interesting takeaways:

For example, President Trump comes up in only eight of the 87 English-language stories. Brexit is barely mentioned. And there’s almost nothing about any of the big technology or science-related stories of the day.

Just about every big publisher I know reads these kinds of analyses. They don’t react immediately, but they are influenced by them. And they go where the viewers are.

So for better or worse, I can make some predictions for 2020: More crime and more mystery. Oh, and if you have any insights into what makes Costco tick, be sure to let me know.

7 other things worth a click

  1. While we’re at it, here’s my number-1 story from all of 2019. I never would have predicted the popularity of this one, but the analytics don’t lie. (me, on Inc.)

  2. The Simpsons turns 30. "Frozen in time as the characters may be, the show itself has learned many of the lessons regular people do by the time they're 30.” (CNN)

  3. 5-year-old runs sale to pay off classmates’ lunch balances. (CNN)

  4. 2 young kids spent days in the woods, found safe. (Fox 10 TV)

  5. First woman ever wins a match at the professional darts championship. (The Guardian)

  6. Disposable sterile hijabs. I am surprised these did not exist before. (BBC)

  7. Extreme weather in Australia. (Business Insider)

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