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Want to see what a sample ad looks like on Understandably's daily email? Here's an example.

This might be the most meta thing I’ve yet published.

But, if you’re a paid member of Understandably, which means you get an ad-free experience, you might like to see what the ads look like in the free version.

Here’s the ad we ran today, my first effort to add sponsorships to Understandably (and keep the subscription rates low). A reprint of the entire email showing the ad in context follows at the very end of this page. (It’s pretty big.)

These ads run at the very top of the free version of Understandably.

Our most recent sponsor: Foldies brand folding sunglasses. As an Understandably member, you can get a 35% discount, plus free shipping, free returns, and a 2-year warranty.

Want to learn more about becoming a sponsor or advertiser? Email me at, and I’ll be happy to provide details.

Here’s the full email in context: