Tesla Cybertruck Deposit Receipt

It's just $100, so why not? Also 7 other things worth reading.

My wife subscribes to this email newsletter, and I think she actually reads it.

So let’s test that.

I just put down a deposit on a Tesla Cybertruck.

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A smashing success

I should note (just so I don’t have to sleep on the couch tonight or anything), that this is technically a pre-order deposit, and it’s only $100. Also, it’s fully refundable.

That’s a good thing, because in fairness, this might not be the most practical vehicle choice ever.

We live in a suburb that thinks it’s a city, and we have a tiny little urban driveway. At 79.8 inches wide, I’m not 100 percent sure a Cybertruck will actually fit.

Also, we’re a one-car family, so perhaps I should have discussed this with my wife first.

However, regardless of whether we wind up taking delivery of this boxy, 22nd century-looking thing, I’m intrigued by the way Tesla rolled it all out.

Because the debut of the Cybertruck prototype was a smashing success—in the sense that Tesla’s design chief managed literally to smash the futuristic vehicle’s windows (supposedly armored and nearly impenetrable) simply by throwing a metal ball at them.

Being part of the story

More than 200,000 people have dropped $100 each on pre-order deposits, expressing at least marginal interest in the idea of buying an electric pickup truck that won’t even be available until late 2021 at the earliest.

I suspect a lot of the other pre-orderers are like me.

Maybe they’re not writing daily email newsletters and thus looking for interesting, relevant things to write about each morning.

But, they like the idea of being part of this story, even if they wonder if they’ll ever become a customer.

Imagine if you ran a business, and you could create that kind of passion and engagement.

Imagine rolling out a non-functioning prototype of a product that won’t be available for two years—and creating enough hype to collect $20 million in pre-order deposits upfront.

It’s enough to make you envy Tesla. Now, they just have to build the trucks.

Uh oh. Capacity and logistics have been a challenge since Day 1.

Still. If you’re going to have problems, that’s the kind of problem to have.

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