A bit of a disaster

I sometimes joke (but wait, is it a joke if it’s clearly true?) that almost everything in my life is potential fodder for a newsletter, or a column on Inc.com, or some other kind of scribble someplace.

But this week, I’ve been working on something that I think some people on this list might be interested in—and even be able to help with.

It starts with an admission. A confession. A bit of an embarrassing revelation.

It’s that I am a naturally very disorganized, messy person, and as a result, my workspace is a bit of a disaster.

I’m not dirty or unhealthy, but if you were to come into my home office, I’ll bet 90 percent of you would say:

“Wow, Murph, how do you do what you do with all these papers and other things all over the place?”

Or else:

“How do you write this utterly incredible daily newsletter that I either (a) already pay for, or else (b) have been meaning to support with an economical but worthwhile premium subscription, and which I can do so by following this link, right here?”

(A guy can dream.)

Anyway, it’s become increasingly obvious that my lack of organization gets in my way. And, it suddenly occurred to me that there are people who fix these kinds of organizational problems, professionally.

With a simplicity that is sadly lacking in many other fields, they are called: “professional organizers.” (Turns out they even have a professional organization.)

OK, enough intro. This is what I’ve been doing: interviewing professional organizers who promise that they can come to my home office, hold my hand (as need be), and compensate for my organizational deficiencies.

I’ll tell you: The process so far has required extreme vulnerability on my part. Truly, this is my kryptonite.

But, what better way to own it than not just to welcome professional strangers to examine my disaster of a home office—but also to admit my deficiencies to (latest count): 121,030 subscribers across the country and around the world?

Anyway: I hope I’ll learn a lot during this process and maybe have some good things to share. But for now, well, today is a Friday, which is the day I’ve been dedicating each week to comment threads.

And, all of this leads me to ask you to consider offering advice and anecdotes in one of two areas:

  • First, perhaps especially if you’re someone who is my neighbor on the left side of the bell curve of natural organizational abilities—what tricks, tips, or techniques have you found to become more organized? Your life, your work, your office (if you have one), whatever? Seriously, I will scour the comment section for this one.

  • Second, the vulnerability and admitting to myself that I need help in this area has been huge. So, I’m curious to ask: What areas of your life have you reflected on, and admitted that you need help? What was it like? How did you go about it? Did it pay off?

I’d really love to hear your thoughts on either or both of these questions. Let us know in the comments.

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