Good morning, Bill - Something pretty amazing happened in Vancouver yesterday:


Lest you think this is fake news:


In case you forgot the song:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWXazVhlyxQ - four hours of this on a soft rock radio . . .

My point: Social norms and the engagement contract between employees and and employers HAS SHIFTED. That an angry employee did this is a minor footnote. That mgmt let this continue for hours strikes me as a profound social shift.

The world is changing before our eyes . . .

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Big coffee lover here, already had my first espresso and then a cup of dark roast black coffee. I may have to add a teaspoon of sugar for good measure, eh?

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What about comparing the health benefits of coffee with the harmful effects of other habits like smoking? My brother loved his 3-4 cups of coffee each day for many years. He died at 63 from lung cancer contracted from decades of smoking 1-2 packs a day.

Who leaves an Olympic gold medal sitting in their car?

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Would the tortoise end up moving faster, if you gave it coffee?

With a faster moving tortoise, living longer, imagine how many miles it would go!

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I love my coffee. I’m drinking it iced this morning in Georgia and planning an espresso martini tonight 😃

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I was thinking of cutting back on my coffee consumption but now maybe I won't! I do try to drink tea but find it quite boring.

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Bill, you're killing me! I'm in the 1/3 that doesn't drink coffee but you're making me rethink my mornings. Any advice on how to get over not enjoying 'hot' drinks? I know there is the iced coffee version but that doesn't sound appealing everyday.

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“I’m left with just one question: I wonder how much longer a tortoise would live, if we could only convince it to drink coffee? “ LOVE THAT ! I actually did a full belly laugh, much better than a general LOL.

Nice save from yesterday’s ramble. Glad you read your comments.

However, if coffee starts getting taxed and tariffed the way gas, oil, cheese etc. (could add much more, but keeping it lite) there WILL be protests and anarchy.

You can grow your own anything almost, raise chickens, choose not to drive. But coffee, that is a religion all to itself.

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A coffee tip! I was in a diner who had the WORST coffee ever. Really bitter! I was reading an article that said adding a touch of salt will get rid of the bitterness. I challenged the guy sitting next to me to try it with me. So we both added salt to our coffee. And voila! The coffee began to taste better. 😳

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For what it's worth, during the major part of my career, for a period of almost 33 years -- 1961 to 1993, I drank between 10 and 16 cups of black unsweetened coffee five days a week. I had a cup warmer on my desk with a cup on it all day long. Anyone in our group (11 engineers, 5 technicians, and 3 secretaries) would make sure the community coffee machine was always ready. We had to fill it (I think it was a 30-cup machine) at least four times a day. Because coffee became an addiction for me, I would have a headache every weekend. Now I drink one 10 oz cup a day (sweetened with Stevia) and love it. I would love to drink more, but my handwriting gets so bad after that one cup, I'm afraid to chance it. (Remember, I'm 93.)

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Enjoyed your coffee discussion, as usual good, but prompted by your connection?

On another subject, a perspective on abortion :

There is something wrong with the whole abortion issue. Starting at the beginning with the two people, one male and one female, who are responsible for the condition that may create a perceived need for an abortion:

Those two people must bear the responsibility to act in accordance with their moral beliefs, including that an abortion is in the best interests of the unborn child and the parents. In the case of a pregnancy between immature individuals, an adult family member or other concerned adult may be consulted in making the decision. If an abortion is decided, the decision is made available to the local Health authority who will follow the case to its termination.

Abortions are permitted only for just cause:

1. In cases of rape, after a determination by investigation.

2. If the fetus is medically determined to to be physically or mentally deficient or disabled and to be unable to develop further.

3. If the female is unable either physically or mentally to successfully carry the pregnancy to term.

In cases where the parents are unable to financially afford a just cause abortion, the state will provide needed assistance.

In all other cases, the fetus is allowed to progress to the full term of the pregnancy.

In cases where the couple determines that for financial or other reasons, the newborn cannot remain in their home, they will be able to offer the newborn for adoption to an approved family member or through a state-approved adoption agency. If they fail to do so, the infant may be placed in the care of the state Child Protective Services department.

In cases where the father is unknown, disinterested or cannot be located, the mother may act alone on behalf of herself and the fetus.

Issues will arise during the implementation of this plan. They can be resolved by good-faith cooperation among the various parties.

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I don’t want to talk to you any more.

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So, I just woke up and I’m topically drinking my gigantic morning coffee. I’m on vacation and a little behind, so I’m just reading this one today. My MIL is here visiting from Florida and her birthday happens to be 7-9-51. My daughter is 7-9-99, so we usually do a birthday dinner together in Boston’s North End

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Does July 9th 1944 count?

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