'And then I got my big break...'

Big breaks. Lucky chances. Turning points.

I think we all have them in our lives and our careers. When we tell the stories later, they're the milestones.

  • “I was so sure I'd bombed the interview... but I got the job...”

  • “But then we saw each other at the reunion and we got back together...”

  • “And then the call came, out of the blue: we'd been chosen as adoptive parents!”

  • “To think, I almost had to cancel the meeting ... but the conversation wound up changing my career...”

And so on. (By the way, the examples above are true, and from the life and times of yours truly.)

A few of you emailed me yesterday with some really great "big break" stories after I floated the idea. I hope you'll share them now in the comment thread.

  • Tell us what you consider to have been your "big break(s)."

  • Tell us about the earlier "little breaks" that had to happen for the "big breaks" to happen.

  • And tell us about the "breaks" you're still hoping for.

Secret hope:

  • Someone will write, "I hope one day my big break will be that I find my Perfect X (a job, a date, an opportunity) ..."

  • Someone will read that and reply: "Hmmm, you know what, I might just have the Perfect X for you..."

The only downside to these comment threads is that they have to be short—and there is just SO MUCH GOING ON right now that I want to write about. But, let's stick with this. I'll write more over the weekend.

(Ridiculously too-cute and on-the-nose photo credit: Myriam Zilles on Pixabay)