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Funny how memory works: After last week’s Understandably Live interview about college admissions (I interviewed Becky Munsterer Sabky, author of Valedictorians at the Gate; watch it here), I keep thinking of a vignette from a book that I read about applying to college … way back when I was applying to college myself.

It had to do with crafting the perfect admissions essay. At one college, the main essay was prompted by the question: “What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?”

A successful applicant apparently kept it short:

“The best advice I ever received was, ‘Get the hell out of the street!’ This advice came from a stranger, after I stepped off a sidewalk without looking and was nearly run over by a city bus.”

I remember that whomever this applicant was had longer, more thoughtful answers to the other essay questions, but this one earned him or her points.

I’m still on vacation. More than a few readers have taken me to task for writing this newsletter (or at least updating and checking on it) while I’m away at the beach. So let me keep this one short, too.

For a Friday comment thread (last week’s was really great), can you think of how you’d answer that essay question?

“What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?”

Alternatives: “What advice do you wish you’d received, or what’s the advice you’d give your younger self, if you could go back and do so now?”

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