I'm sorry, but the sight of several dozen dogs crammed in to a single room doesn't warm the cockles of my heart. Is this healthy for them? I know they're warm and dry, but it seems like a possible health hazard.

One thing not mentioned today: Russia and Ukraine completed a prisoner swap hours after the Britney Griner swap. It seems to beg the question why the sudden rush by Putin to get these prisoners back? What are the Russians up to?

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A true story for some comic relief. An avid birdwatcher friend recently misplaced his binoculars and in a moment of genius decided to use the scope attached to his friend's rifle to enjoy a birdwatching day in the city. The experience of multiple swat teams converging in on him from all directions is permanently etched into his working, sensory, short and long term memories.

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I think it goes something like “if you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed and if you read the newspaper you’re misinformed”


Some if that going around still these days..

Sandler is a very funny human.

Riding a bike while walking your dog is a good hobby to try, lots going on there.

Wear a helmet!

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Yeah. Dogs video didn’t do much for me either.

I’m learning more and more about electricity in my later life. Well maybe relearning is more accurate as I keep recalling things from my shop class and when I used to build electronic components for fun. Hopefully that’s enough detail. I just need to always remember the #1 rule. Make sure the power is off first.

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My vocation is to notice the little things when I see my clients. Just this week a client came in and I asked her when she hit her head? She thought I was nuts, until I was massaging her scalp and found the bump. She asked how I knew. I said I was tracking her eyes, how she was holding her head and her neck seemed compressed. When she left, she said she felt much better - “ like normal now”.

My family has a history of dementia so I deliberately keep my mind active, so I also do jigsaw puzzles, mahjong solitaire and crochet hats and lap-ghans.

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Although the conclusion may be correct, this study seems flawed to me. Of course avid bird watchers will note more details - they need that data to recognize birds. They are also likely to readily remember whether or not they saw the same bird in both batches because….they like looking at birds and will pay more attention.

In my opinion, a better question would have been if detail-oriented people retain new learning on a new topic better than those who are not detail-oriented.

On the dog video topic, I think the people who love dog videos speak up with praise. Those of us with no opinion or who do not value the videos generally remain silent. Therefore, the conclusion is drawn that everyone loves them. I have found this to be true across many topics, especially among kind-hearted people who do not want to diminish the joy of others.

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So a group of avid birds watchers noticed more birds than non bird watchers? Riveting. Truly groundbreaking stuff. I never would have guessed that to be the outcome. Science never ceases to amaze me.

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