Did our downward spiral start after the Eisenhower administration??? Or was it really when bureaucracy became unleashed starting in the New Deal Days???

P.S. Vince Foster did not kill himself in 1993

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Thank you Bill. “Can’t happen here”

Great writing today. Interesting, intriguing and leaves the reader wanting more.

This stuff really happened, our generation was really too young to completely understand at the time and is valuable to remember and remind what happens behind the scenes in the political arena. I always enjoy your style, but today was real journalism. Certainly can continue in follow up articles. No fluff, good stuff!

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None are so blind as those who will not see!

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This is an amazing story. We must find a way to “knit” our country back together.

Personally, I think the states affected most by offshoring, where the loss of livelihoods is a major motivating force behind the split between the coast “elites” and the non-college educated people whose lives fell apart when the country looked the other way as economic trends (technology) and offshoring ripped up millions of lives.

Perhaps we need a “New Deal” aimed at this swarth of the country to begin to heal these divisions.

Very controversial I know, but perhaps we need to start thinking out of the box, because we are not on a good road now.

Finally, I don’t believe this East coast elites categorization is true. Life is hard for most everyone. We must begin to dispel this vast oversimplification. This grouping of the country into two massive camps is very destructive.

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This was an interesting piece. I watched the series Gaslit online this summer, which fleshes out the Watergate era key players and has stellar performances by Julia Roberts and Sean Penn. From that (along with my childhood newspaper reading and tv news watching habits), I have an impression of Liddy, especially, that fits this information.

And sure, I know this kind of thing can and sometimes does happen.

However, I can’t help but connect some dots between the main article and the attachment concerning rainbow fentanyl…. 1542 articles appeared about this danger prior to Halloween and not one single case of the danger actually occurred this Halloween.

Often I feel our taste for sensationalism in media is driving imbalanced people to do bad things, simply because the reports beat that drum loud enough it gets in peoples’ heads. I’m glad it doesn’t always work out that way, but I genuinely want to just shout at the media “STOP IT!”.

I, for one, think the news media have indirectly caused quite a few terrible things over the last decades with their perpetual warnings. So excuse me, I’m going to push down my conspiracy fears and go visualize a world without all this insanity now.

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Agreed, Can't happen HERE (anymore) because of law and order, checks and balances, social media and the almost certain risk of getting caught. But it still happens THERE. In Pakistan alone, we've been involved in scores of assassination (successful and attempted), including the (alleged) one a few hours ago against the ex PM Imran Khan who knows too much outside of cricket.

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Is raising interest rates the only way to fight inflation? Are there no other tools in the government's tool belt? Economics is not something I know much about.

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Oh and we didn't have any fentanyl reports but there were some instances of CBD chews making it into treat bags. They look just like gummy bears

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Oh man, I loved the comforting part, “it could never happen here/again”

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Oh, Bill, Thank you for this one.

I feel we are all gathered around this hole we dug, staring into it. And Bill comes over to say, "Hey everyone, look over here at this other hole that we dug not too long ago. It's a bottomless hole, thank goodness that one over there will never get this deep."

No politics, just a deep hole.

Good work, keep it up!


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Interesting read. The things that go on in this country.

On another note, I am quite impressed by the luck of the woman who won so much from the lottery.

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Thanks Bill. This is fascinating. I went to a speaker series talk last night from Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa on how social media and tech is rewarded for pushing out the hate, lies and conspiracies (which could explain the fentanyl frenzy). Check out the Maria Ressa story!! It's just insane what these journalists go through when doing their jobs of investigating the truth about those in power. https://www.hks.harvard.edu/more/policycast/nobel-peace-prize-winner-maria-ressa-how-social-media-pushing-journalism-and

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