If I am cheugy, so be it lol.

My worth knowing link for the day:

Have you heard of the Rage Index? Even friendly Canadians are feeling enraged and Pollara is measuring it. #rageindex #Pollara #somethingsgottagive


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Lynne, you are not Cheugy!

Hey, don’t you remember when we were all kids and we went to the zoo and we saw the eponymous swimming in their so-called natural habitat. They looked like such peaceful creatures.

Wait, does that make me cheugy?

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Another thing...

From an appearance on his daughters podcast. Discussing his focus while writing the screen play for the movie Rocky.

Daughter: You painted the windows black to focus.

Stallone: Yeah I did paint them black, because I didn’t want to know what time it was. It didn’t matter what time it was—‘Oh, it’s time for breakfast’—right away you’ve de-railed yourself. “I’ll have breakfast when I’m hungry. I don’t need to know what time it is”—that kind of thing. So I was trying to eliminate all the excuses, because it’s hard to write and you’re looking for any reason—“please someone call”—that’s why I took the phone out, so you couldn’t be called.

Other daughter: So you were straight-focused, painted black windows.

Stallone: One-hundred percent. Black windows, no phone.

Sylvester Stallone wrote the screen play for Rocky in only three and a half days.

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For some reason this made me smile. 😊

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Ahh, the midlife moment of enlightenment! Now, what will you do with your newfound superpower? Hopefully not piss it away like 99.5% of people do. Look around you. People watch. See the "older" people not really giving a shit what you think? The ones in bright colors, Hawaiian shirts, boho clothes? The ones happy and laughing?

Those are the ones exercising that superpower. Life becomes sooooooo much easier and sweeter when you realize that the only person you have to live for is you. Don't like me? Tough shit, since you're not paying my bills, your opinion is your problem, not mine.

Remember, opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one and they all stink. This is a Universal Truth. There aren't many Universal Truths in the world, but this is one of them.

Removing the toxic people from your life is fun! It's kinda like the trash is taking itself to the curb. You just up and quit giving them and their shitty opinions any air. Ignore them completely. Toss in a snarky "Do you remember when I asked for your completely crappy opinion? Me neither, shut up." and watch them wither and die right in front of you.

The people left over after your Spring Cleaning of Life? Those are called "Friends". Cherish them. Tell them how much you love them. These are your tribe.

Have fun with your new life!

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I've never hear the word cheugy until today and now I'm terrified that I am that.

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This is the first time I’ve heard the word, too … can’t say I’m terrified of it, though …

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I'll likely never use the word Cheugy again either, except maybe as a funny story to my (grownup) kids. It definitely doesn't describe me. Although saying that makes me feel cheugy. Rasson, like Morgenstern, certainly isn't/"wasn't" cheugy either. And certainly Galileo wasn't.

I might think of President Joe Biden as cheugy, though.

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All daughters’ Dads are cheugy.

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