Comment Thread Friday

It’s Friday, and it’s been a heck of a week, so let's do another comment thread. When these work well, they work really well.

You can comment via the link below—although maybe you want to read the rest of this first.

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Real conversation in my house yesterday:

Me: "Hey babe, I have to go figure out what to write for my Comment Thread Friday. Any ideas?"

My wife: "Well, it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, of course."

Me: "Mother's Day. Right. Of course.”

My wife:

Me: "What? You think I forgot.”

Reader, between you and me, I had in fact forgotten.

I mean, every day looks the same now.

But, as long as we’re talking about remembering, let’s start with Anna Jarvis. She’s the woman who created the holiday in the the first place, in memory of her own mother. She advised people to celebrate it by:

  1. Visiting your mother—and if that's not possible,

  2. Writing her a long, hand-written letter.

Unfortunately, Jarvis grew wildly disenchanted at the commercialization of Mother's Day, to the point that she spent the rest of her life (she died in 1948) fighting it: petitions, lawsuits, she even copyrighted the term "Mother's Day" itself.

Oh well. Let's just take the good, and offer thanks for creating the idea.

And maybe do a 21st century, coronavirus-era version of her suggestions. In other words, maybe a Zoom call or a nice thoughtful email wouldn't be a bad idea right now.

Suggestions for comment discussions:

  1. Things to share about your mother, or being a mother?

  2. Examples of things you (or other people) worked really hard to do or create, and then maybe wished you hadn't?

  3. What big holiday do you think we should phase out, and (optional) what would you replace it with?

Before we go, Happy Mother's Day to my wife Karen (from April and me, both), my own mother Pat, my mother-in-law, Bonnie, my godmother/aunt Maureen, and to all the other mothers reading this. And for anyone missing their mom this weekend, we’re thinking of you.

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