Secession: In other words, "We're hopelessly stuck in the 1950's, we don't want to change. Ever. Thank God the women we married haven't figured out what we really think about them or they'd rise up and take over.

Okay, let's let them go. We make them all move to Texas, treat it like a foreign country (Banana Republic Division) and see how they like it. Texas already has their own power grid, so they can pay to fix it themselves.

They sure are going to be pissed off when they figure out just how much they're lost when we cut off all the Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, EBT and all the other Federal Government money. "Hey sorry, but you guys left, we only pay out to US citizens, lol."

Sports: Oh, you guys can play here. Let's figure out the taxes involved... carry the five...add this...okay, got it...you owe Uncle Sam...well...everything you'll make for these games. The University of Texas going to the SEC? Not anymore.

Yeah, be careful what you wish for...

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I am in awe of the heroic efforts of Nicholas. I cannot imagine being that courageous. And after all that he still wanted to know if the girl was OK.

Thanks, Bill, for sharing some uplifting news!

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Excellent description of the benefits of the strengthening US dollar. We just returned from a two-week trip to Iceland. It is an amazing country - “the land of fire and ice” - which we thoroughly enjoyed. We found the prices high but still a bargain compared to typical prices in San Francisco, thanks to the mighty US dollar. If anyone is planning a trip to Iceland I highly recommend taking a tour with Petur Benedikt of Icelandic Elements (petur@icelandicelements.is +354-866-6688). He is extremely knowledgeable, personable and willing to shape the desired tour to the interests of his clients. He also recommended restaurants in Reykjavík. We chose the truly outstanding Sushi Social. This place has a unique vibe, a varied menu including some Icelandic dishes and, given all of the fish caught and farmed in Iceland, you can imagine how delicious the sushi and sashimi were.

I would like to take you or Kim up on the offer to recommend the paella restaurant in Madrid. We don’t have immediate plans to go but one never knows!

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