happy birthday

I’m going to take a timeout today to wish a happy (slightly belated) 1st birthday to Understandably!

That works out to 283 daily email newsletters, plus this one. Pretty wild. Almost all were written and sent either from my home office (a/k/a “the attic”), or else the couch in our living room.

It’s an anniversary worth celebrating, and it’s also a good time to check in, ask for some feedback, think about the future—all that kind of stuff.

Like a lot of people, my best laid plans went a bit awry during 2020. But I’m optimistic, and as I think about what to do with Understandably over the next few months, can I ask you a few questions?

Whether you’re among the “sainted 100” who have read literally every single one of those 283 email newsletters, or if you just signed up recently—or if you’re somewhere in between—I’d be very interested to hear from you.

Ways you can reply:

  • 1. Click here and answer on this survey. (Easiest for me, frankly, and it also lets you stay anonymous if you like.)

  • 2. Just hit reply and respond via email.

  • 3. Click the “like & comment button” below. God willing, there will be no tech issues, and you can comment and share with the world.

Things I’d like to know:

  • Where did you find out about Understandably, and do you know idea how long ago you subscribed?

  • How often do you read it? (Daily, couple times a week, just occasionally, etc.)

  • How big a deal is it that it’s daily? What if I went to 3x or 4x per week as a standard?

  • Most editions of Understandably have two sections: an essay and the “7 other things” section. Do you read both? Is one more important than the other?

  • What other newsletters do you subscribe to?

  • I’m thinking about doing a paid/premium subscription—keeping free content but also setting up a way for readers to help support Understandably. Many newsletters use this model now (starting at about $5/month on Substack, and going up from there). It would make it all a lot more feasible, long-term. Thoughts? Would you be able to consider chipping in to keep Understandably going strong?

  • Any other comments/suggestions/etc?

Regular newsletters will return Monday. (I think I know what I’m writing about already; one of my favorites.) Thanks in advance for your feedback. Again, the link to the survey is here, or else you can just reply to this email.

Photo: My daughter and me… a few years back, not long after her “original” birthday. It seemed like a good birthday/writing one. I still wear that Superman t-shirt often enough, though.