Lying is rampant. The more I get to know people, the more I love my cat.

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I like my dog much better than people.

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What a rabbit hole GA is falling down.

BMW employs 11,000 people in SC. It’s impact both through direct hiring, as well as support companies, not to mention ancillary business that have developed to support the worker base, is tremendous. I know because I live 10 miles away. At least three households in my neighborhood include someone directly employed by BMW. When you drive by the plant goes as far as the eye can see, and includes three interstate exits. Half the people (so it seems) around here drive a BMW. And we have no pollution from this facility.

Rivian wants to build a direct worker base of 7,500 that is nearly 70% of the BMW base in SC. Compare this to:

Honda with 16,000 in OH

Toyota with 9,000 in KY

Subaru with 6,500 in IN

Nissan with 8,000 in TN

Are you telling me politics is completely overriding common sense economics? Because these politicians don’t want GA to look to the future because it supports green energy? Someone needs to explain this to me because it is insanity from where I sit…and that’s no lie. Would GA rather have more meat packing plants?

“Automakers and their suppliers are America's largest manufacturing sector, responsible for 3% of America's GDP. No other manufacturing sector generates as many American jobs. Not only are they America’s largest exporters, they also buy hundreds of billions of dollars worth of American steel, glass, rubber, iron, and semiconductors each year. They are also among America’s largest investors in R&D.“


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May 24, 2022·edited May 24, 2022

I’ve had extensive experience with liars. Here are some takeaways:

“Look into my eyes and you’ll know I’m not lying” - yup and their eyes are blank.

“Are you calling me a liar?” - yup.

“How dare you say that!!” - yup.

“It’s your fault!” - nope.

“Because of your reaction I had to lie.”- roll eyes.

“Well you lied when you said….” - Nope.

Distract, distract, distract - lying.

Always compare what they say with what they do!

Those are the obvious. Then there are a plethora of nuances that I won’t get into. But the biggest one is that after the confrontation, your finding that you are blamed for the act of lying - exasperation!

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It's sad that lying is so prevalent, especially since trustworthiness is so integral to any personal or professional relationship. Unfortunately, the methods for revealing them don't apply to written information.

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Uh...Their noses are growing? Washington Post’s “fact checking”arena....It would be fun to put politicians in a room and apply your methods, Bill!

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I don’t worry about anyone lying to me. I trust people until they give me a reason not to. If they feel they have to lie, that’s on them. If I find out, then that’s the end of a relationship.

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