Mentors and influences

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Comment thread time. Let’s talk about mentors and other good influences. This week, I wrote about Jeff Bezos and Yasantha Rajakarunanayake. Others over the past little while:

  • Ramona Hood, CEO of one of the 45 subsidiaries of FedEx, who credited her mentor, Virginia Addicott.

  • Bill Gates, who says Warren Buffett inspired him to pursue his second act, philanthropy.

  • Mark Felt, who became a mentor to the 20-something version of Bob Woodward in the 1960s (later known as Deep Throat; he always hated that nickname).

  • Harry T. Burn, who chose his mother over his mentor, state Sen. Herschel M. Candler, and cast the deciding vote in favor of the women’s suffrage amendment in 1920.

So for this week’s comment thread, I hope you’ll feel free to share your own stories or ideas.

  • Was there a mentor who really changed your life and taught you things?

  • Was there someone, like Yasantha was to Jeff Bezos, who had an important influence on you, but might not even have known it?

  • Have you had the opportunity to be a mentor to others? What’s the most important thing you’ve learned as a result?

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