I think it is irresponsible to use the words "every dealer". As a sales person at a small used car dealership, we are absolutely not making money hand over fist. We have to pay more money than we used to when acquiring inventory so we have to charge more just to make the same money. We also don't push the "back end" services that rip customers off. Most consumers don't understand what those entail. When they are paying for extended warranties, GAP insurance, undercoating or other add ons that is where the larger dealerships are making money.

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I saw a news story which said EVs are killing the rain forests. It seems the Nickel used in the EV batteries is in plentiful supply under the rain forests. The nickel is being mined there resulting in the destruction of the trees. We have a dilemma here: do we destroy the environment with our chemical exhaust or destroy the environment by killing the rain forests?

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Generation X may be the coolest, savviest generation but you have absolutely no comparison with the Greatest Generation.

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I enjoy the variety and insights you provide us on a daily basis.

In regards to Generation X especially the individuals from the late 70’s and early 80’s they are more resourceful, started the technology revolution that has changed the way us Baby Boomers are operating today. As the last of the Baby Boomers they almost prepared us for the for the Millennials.

As a business owner we have had to adjust to a new way of doing things, as a Father of three Millennials I don’t think there is or was a generation to prepare us. I appreciate my Generation X employees in helping me tried to understand where they are coming from.

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We have an auto story. In planning to purchase an auto from a family member we went to our local dealership to sell our much sought after Toyota Camry in 2020. We were offered $3,700 far below KBB value. We refused the offer. In 2021, after the economic stimulus checks went out, we returned again to the same dealership and were offered $6,300. We sold the car. Not a trade in deal. Straight sale.

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Having to "negotiate" with a new car dealership is what's killing the car market. I refuse to do it. Having worked at several new car dealerships in the Parts Department end, I do know the shenanigans going on up front on the showroom floor. Everything that everyone does is designed to get you to sign that deal. Did you notice that the vehicle you're interested in has magically appeared right outside where you can't miss it? That coffee that the very beautiful receptionist just brought you? Loaded with sugar to get you on edge and impatient to get that deal done.

And lets get rid of the old "I gotta run this by the sales manager" game. It's bullshit. If he's the only one who can do the deal, bring his ass out here and I'll negotiate with him.

But the one that infuriates me the most is the "This is as low as we can go. We're only making $500 off this deal." lie. And it's an outright lie, straight to your face. A $45,000 deal and you're only making $500 with your overhead? Please. This is how little they value YOU. You're a sheep to be fleeced, nothing more, nothing less.

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Here's a question for y'all to ponder:

Cradle to grave, (meaning from sourcing the raw materials, through manufacture, to using said vehicle, to disposing and recycling of same) which vehicle does less "damage" to the environment, a brand spanking new Tesla, any model, or my 2004 Z71 Suburban with 4 wheel drive?

Answer: The Z71 Suburban. By a huge margin.

Want to make that margin so huge that Tesla goes broke? Run that ICE vehicle on hydrogen. Hydrogen is something that we will never run out of, don't have to beg, plead or whine to some Middle Eastern potentate to sell to us, or screw the environment up further by obtaining it.

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Gen X:

Sooo, in other words, just treat them as you wish to be treated?

Where have I heard that one before???

I can't believe that people need to be told how to play nice. I guess that's what happens when you get your social ethics from a guy who looks like he rolled around in nacho Doritos.

Just sayin'...

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The only way I’d walk into a car dealership would be if I won the lottery. To my way of thinking, having to dicker over the price of an exorbitantly priced piece of metal is demeaning.

My Gen X kid said those points were 👍👍.

I hated to see what you wrote, Bill, about Eric Boehlert. I usually enjoyed his columns when I could find them. I’m really feeling it for his young family about now too.

As for that story about the Secret Service, I’m really wondering whether or not their ranks ever got rid of the rottenness in the ranks that was first really exposed during the Obama administration. Seems questionable after this story.

So sorry to have missed your live stream today but will catch it on the YAA YouTube channel when things settle down a bit for me.

Thanks for a good read today.

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