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I don’t get enough sleep. Up until recently, I might have thought, “Yeah, but who does?”

But then I was speaking with a friend who told me she budgets 9 full hours every night.

Nine hours! And this isn’t someone who has all the free time in the world. She’s a mom in her 40s with kids, a husband, and a dog. She has a demanding job and juggles a lot of interests, obligations, and schedules.

But if she doesn’t get that much sleep, it affects everything. So, she told me, she prioritizes it.

(Supposedly, Americans average 6.8 hours per night, and 40% say they almost never get more than 6 hours.)

Now, since this friend told me about her 9 hours, I’ve thought a lot about sleep, and I’ve been asking other people how much they get. It turns out this is an odd question to just ask somebody without context.

But then, I’ve just given you all this context.

And here we are on a Friday, when I like to do these short comment threads and see what people out there have to say…

So, with the weekend coming up, can we talk about sleep? And maybe crowdsource some best practices to share?

Are you like me, wondering how anyone could possibly get 9 hours of sleep? (Seriously, what do I need to do differently in life to approach that?)

Or is sleep already a priority for you?

I’d especially like to know if you’ve made changes, along with what, why, and how it worked out.

Let us know in the comments. And feel free to sleep in tomorrow.

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