Good morning. As I work as a customer care ambassador for Air Miles, I will for sure be sharing the newsletter with my colleagues and on my social media channels. If sharing this helps one person, that's enough for me.

Might as well throw in an entry for the 7 things worth knowing today too.

Saving for a mortgage down payment with the increased cost of living we are facing is even more daunting. With the price of homes having skyrocketed (coming down a little but will still remain higher than prepandemic levels), Canada's rent-to-own home program funding may provide renters with the opportunity to rent to own their first homes.


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Thanks for the link. WEF: “you’ll own nothing and you will be happy”? “Build Back Better”. Smart cities?

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Good morning. This was an interesting and entertaining read to start the morning. Bill describes “a really fun, 10-day vacation to Italy in 2015” that was “utterly amazing,” and that could have turned out even better. Unfortunately, Bill, as a 65 year old retiree who is also on disability, I will not be heading to Italy in the foreseeable future, so I'm afraid my sympathies for the day will have to go to some other worthwhile cause. Sorry.

Thought for the day, “be the reason that someone smiles today!” Have a good day, everyone.

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yes be the reason that someone smiles today. Trying to give back, be there for someone every day. Lost the love of my life last month and it sure changed my priorities.

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Thanks for sharing. We have a European trip planned this year and although I hope we don't get delayed it's great info to have this info in case it happens. Appreciate all of your words of wisdom :)

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Sep 1, 2022·edited Sep 1, 2022

in 2019 we went to Europe to see my son sing with a group of 25 other HS students from our state. After Italy they went on to Austria, Germany, France and Switzerland, we headed to the airport in Venice. Our flight was delayed and then canceled 4 hours later due to weather around Newark airport. We saved our food receipts, hotel receipt (They actually hadn't cleaned the room yet so we moved right back in) and ground transportation receipts for 3 of us. All of us were reimbursed. I think it took a while, like months, but we did get the money.

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Another thing....

Crypto.com Gave a Woman a $10.5 Million Refund and Now It Wants It Back

An Australian woman bought her sister a home with some of the accidentally-sent funds, but the courts ordered her to sell the house and return the money.


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Wow, interesting story. On the one hand, I feel like if you receive a "bank error in your favor," integrity dictates you at least attempt to right the wrong. On the other hand, it seems petty for a company to attempt to collect interest on the mistake.

I once paid a credit card bill with a check that never cleared my account. The credit card company insisted the bill had been paid, and the bank insisted the check never cleared. I called both institutions several times. I let that money sit in my account for six months before deciding I could spend it. (I was a 24-year-old preschool teacher and not flush with extra funds.) It seems ridiculous to work very hard to return money to a large institution.

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I spent 8 long hours with 7 family members at our gate at the Shannon airport 10-12 years ago.

Because were were already "at the gate" they would not let us back into the terminal.

But since they did not have any rest rooms "at the gate" they allowed one person at a time back into the terminal, but only if they relinquished their passports until they returned "to the gate".

Needless to say we missed our subsequent connection in Philadelphia and we were booked on a later flight to Baltimore.

Then they somehow lost time while in the air, arrived at Philly late, and we missed the re-book flight also.

Actually, that in itself wouldn't have been that bad, except our luggage made the connection to Baltimore.

The only solution that worked for everyone at the time was to rent a car (2 cars total....there were 8 of us travelling on the same group ticket) and drive the 100 miles to BWI to get there before the baggage claim office closed at 11:00 PM or midnight.

We just barely made it, but we did.

A reimbursement back then would have helped.....a lot.

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Even if it’s delayed I hope I’m on a flight to Europe -- with this news I hope it’s delayed! HAHAHA

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We have seven children and twenty-seven grandchildren. Occasionally, I share one of your newsletters.

One of our sons and one of our daughters are now on the list. My daughter is paying and is 35 years younger than me so she should be around a lot longer. My guess is your list is growing.

BTW, we learn from Hippos that eating greens and salads and walking does not guarantee weight loss.

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something worth knowing today:

Favorite humpback whale most likely killed by ship strike. Found washed up in Manhattan Beach in Half Moon Bay CA (south of San Francisco) on Sunday. Marine biologists in mourning.

Fran was California's lovable and the best-known humpback in California among scientists and whale watchers. She was young, in great shape and well-nourished with a full body of blubber, but her skull was knocked off her spine, likely by a ship, according to the necropsy. RIP Fran


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