Side sleepers unite!! Who knew there was such a benefit? Now, off to take my Omega 3's with a glass of wine for breakfast.

What? Ohhhhh... Moderation. Ok, maybe a run instead.

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Walking is good for you, too!

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I'm also a side sleeper and happy to hear it can have possible health benefits. Big coffee fan too, reading Understandably with a cup of coffee in hand and having had an espresso before that.

Have a great day everyone!

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Jun 23, 2022·edited Jun 23, 2022

Bill, I’m around the same age as you are (44), and also used to be a runner. It was a love/hate relationship, but until I found something else, it was all I had to stay in shape.

I found something else…

I gained the Covid 15 and worked hard to lose it by combining a keto diet with running. My doctor was proud of me. Fast forward 9 months and I go back for a check-up. I’d gained 9 pounds. He comes in and looks at the chart and then at me.

“Well, you don’t LOOK 9 pounds heavier…”

“I am, though….” I replied.

Then I flexed my leg muscles and he smiled.

“Is that from running?”

“Nope…. Pickleball.”

“Wow… Well, keep it up.”

“No issues with that.”

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Translational Neurodegeneration Is such a great publication! (?) But seriously, your reading habits have clearly evolved!

I began sleeping in my side in the late 80s after some back trouble. My back almost immediately felt better so I can relate, although it did take a while to adjust. I began using a knee pillow a few years back which helps my hips. Lastly, I recently found the perfect pillow (for me) that supports my neck and keeps my head aligned with my spine. Seems the mountain of pillows I previously used wasn’t the best option. No more adjusting my pillow all night!!

I don’t understand the SC. I’ve heard one of the reasons they want to overturn Roe is to give the states the decision and yet I just read here “…. and a major Second Amendment case that could overturn strict gun laws in states like New York, California and New Jersey.” It sounds like “pizza rulings” to me. What am I missing?

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I agree with you Darrell about the correct pillow! I am frequently helping my clients find pillows to allow them to sleep on their side. I try to switch sides too, but when I nap, I curl up and am totally out for about an hour and wake up refreshed.

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Elviros Cervical Pillow, Memory Foam Bed Pillows for Neck Pain Relief, Adjustable Ergonomic Orthopedic Contour Support Pillow

From Amazon for $36 standard size.

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Having lost two friends to ALS and with a third now suffering with it, anything that can stop or lessen the likelihood of this horrible disease gets my vote.

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Regarding exercise, running, walking, I downloaded a simple free pedometer app to my phone, it has made a huge difference and satisfaction about steps made and planned to be made.

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Thanks for this morning's Understandably. What about cheese?

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WOW! Thank You . . . . .I now know that all the crap that goes into my head each day is cleaned out each night as I sleep. Who woulda known it was a simple thing called glymphatic clearance? I'm going to be on pins and needles thinking about what neat stuff will make my weekend!

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For the ultimate in pillow comfort, here is a style that few people are aware of. It's the Vee or L shaped pillow that snuggles your head on both sides at the same time and also supports your back and face at the same time for side sleeping.

Best of all, it doesn't create pressure anywhere.

It's the ultimate in comfort when you find the right one, as there are many different models, varying in size, stuffing, and comfort.

I tried several before finding the perfect one for me. It's smallish in size, stuffed with varied sizes of polyester filling. It was a tad too thick for me so I unzipped it and removed some of the stuffing until I had it just right.

Seventy years ago I saw an ad in National Geographic advertising Folger's Coffee. It's tag line at the bottom was,

"What if this was your favorite brand of coffee, but you never knew it because you never tried it?"

Same thing here. This is a different configuration than you have ever tried.


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Enjoyed yesterday’s topic on 25 rules of advise for high school graduates. Retirement is a big life transition and can be as perplexing as any big life transition. Since I have been retired for almost 20 years this is my list of rules I attempt to live by. And everything I learned about life after retirement I learned on the Pickleball court.

1. Show up.

2. Get in the game.

3. Keep your eye on the ball.

4. Keep it light.

5. Have fun.

6. Don’t be attached to the


7. Schedule your next game.

It works for me.

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soooo, occasionally when I fall asleep face up, is this my brain saying 'ah, a relatively tranquil day today, no need to de-waste as much' ....or....is it my arm telling my brain, 'I don't care how much crapola you went through today, I need to rest too'.....;)

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What a great column! Planets, side sleep, and Hoboken. Who knew?

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