Time to reopen(?)

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Here's a nice, uncontroversial question: "When should we reopen?"

I asked yesterday for ideas for a comment thread topic, and you sent some really great suggestions. But versions of this one were the preference of a plurality, and I like it. So let’s give it a try.

Basically: If you're running a business or if you're working for someone else, how do you think we should make the call about whether it's time to reopen workplaces? What are your concerns either way? And what would you like to see different from before?

Also, what does "reopen" even mean? Some ideas:

  • "I reflect on this dichotomy because we have the ability (even more so now) to work from home," wrote Jamie Danziger, chief operating officer of IQ Partners, a Toronto-based executive search and recruitment company. "Our people want to be back together, but many are scared … as well."

  • "This is really the hot button issue of the day, isn't it? As a citizen, I think it's too soon. As a business owner, I can see my business continuing to struggle and I'm worried about my future," said Dan Bailey, president of WikiLawn.

  • “We won't have any in-person meetings until we're either out of community spread, or until we are all vaccinated," said Mark Aselstine, founder of wine club Uncorked Ventures in El Cerrito, California.

  • "I have been thinking about this a lot," said Dr. Greg Jacobson, an ER physician and CEO of KaiNexus, which has been 100 percent remote since March. "Previously, most employees worked physically in Austin ... or the Dallas area. Our leadership team thinks the company has been very effective working from home, so there isn't any meaningful loss in our ability to support customers or to otherwise thrive."

I don't have a lot of retail or manufacturing comments yet; so far I’m hearing from companies that actually can work remotely. That might be a good gap to fill.

But, regardless of where you work, and whether you’re the owner or employee, what do you think? (Also, I know this can get political, and I’m sure I don’t need to say this, but let’s all just try to be kind in the comments.)

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  • Very much related: In California, resentment is growing about how some businesses seem to be allowed to reopen while others can't. (CBSN)

  • "The days of packed elevators are over," as city companies start looking at suburban office space. (Thomson Reuters)

  • A study says men are less likely than women to wear face masks because they’re perceived as a sign of weakness. (NY Post)

  • The Michigan legislature canceled a planned session because of the threat of armed protesters. (Bloomberg)

  • This was yesterday, but worth noting: the FBI served a search warrant for the cellular phone of the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, apparently as a result of an insider trading investigation. (Yahoo News)

  • The White House reportedly wants another round of stimulus checks. (CNBC)

  • France says it has a glut of 5,000 tons of cheese that could go to waste, because the French are eating 60% less fromage during quarantine. (Ottawa Citizen)

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