Great study. At present, Hippo Camera App allows you to sign up to receive info when app launches for the public.

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I was coming here to comment but I forgot what I was going to say!

Kidding…this was a great read. I’m sharing with my psychiatrist brother-in-law and plan to check out the app. Assuming I remember.

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A number of years ago I fostered two girls, ages 4 and 12.

One weekend I took them out into the woods to explore and have an adventure.

I have long experience in Orienteering and know not to get lost.

As we got deeper into the woods, the older girl started showing signs of anxiety:

she was lost, and with some Old Guy who she barely knew.

We started back and the 4-year-old led the way.

The little one had spent the entire time excitedly looking around in all directions and remembering all the new sights.

She was outdoing me at my own skill.

When Orienteering you must CONSCIOUSLY remember your back-trail; the little kid was doing it naturally!

The teenager had lost the natural ability and focused only on moving forward.

(Quote from "The Great Race" - "First rule of Italian road racing: 'Whats'a behind'a me is'a not'a important'.")


The point is that there is NO REASON to remember where you put your phone.

You have already put it down a thousand times and there is nothing at all SPECIAL about your putting it down this time.

Why SHOULD you remember it? It certainly will not matter tomorrow or next week or next month.

And yet I remember a quote from a movie I last saw 40 years ago.

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Bill, how do we find out more information on the Hippocamera and how to possibly use it?

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My version of memory enhancement at age 70 is a return to the glory days of when I earned the necessary three college level high school diploma credits via unexpectedly passing the New York State Regents exam (I answered all questions in the present tense and earned a 78!) With a late fall 50th wedding anniversary Viking southern France river cruise, I’m now at Unit 11 of Duolingo (one a a number of interactive app/web learning programs). I amazed at how much of the French language has been deeply stored and now interacts with the various learning stimuli of the program. Je suis un étudiant! Je soumettrai peut-être cette histoire à Bill un jour.

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I’m always losing my phone. I can remember tax laws from years ago but where the heck is my phone…..

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Thank you for your article on hippocamera, I’ve reached out them to partner w/their studies

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Comment on: AMC Theaters says it's rolling out a plan to charge different prices for movie tickets depending on where you sit in the auditorium.

So let me get this straight… I buy/reserve my tickets early to get the best seat to see a movie… AMC gets my money and can earn interest/invest it while I sit at home waiting for the day to come for the movie while not having money in my bank account for me to earn interest and they charge me more for that ticket for being a loyal customer, committing to the show (no refunds on the website), and showing potential movie goers that the show must be good because all these people bought tickets (at higher prices) earlier.

Sooooo one sided and greedy here possibly.

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the HippoCamera is the equivalent of studying for exams; repetition. How do you do better on your mid-terms? Keep reading and rereading your notes and documents. I'd like to know what all of the instantaneous gratification of having cell phones in our pockets, 1000 channel TVs with remotes, and websites at our fingertips, is doing to our brains. No one looks things up anymore, they ask Siri, so there's no alphabetization going on in their heads as they turn pages to find what they're looking for. There's no actual reading the paragraph and taking notes (reinforcement of memorization), the answer is spoken at them, to do with what they please. Now an AI robot will write term papers, resumes and SOTU speeches with just a few prompts. Why do we have to remember anything anymore? Eventually our self driving cars will get us home, so we can even forget our own addresses.

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Watching the SOTU message makes me wonder how on earth we sent a bunch of elementary school minds to Washington!

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That’s why I keep my husband around. HAHA

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Good thing Elon has his priorities straight now! Whew! 😂

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Visual cues are great! So now it’s being incorporated into our ever present phones. I guess this is a step up or alternative to making a list of things to be done …

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See one, do one, teach one.

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