Great list! I am one of those people who consider themselves a lifelong learner. This list gives me a few areas to explore how I can improve on important skills. I would add listening to the list. That may be a component of other items on the list but I think it is essential. A lot of problems get solved and connections are made simply by being a good listener. I once hear the saying “We have two ears and one mouth. We should listen and speak in the same ration.”

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I loved “generosity is the first cousin of gratitude .”

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Great newsletter today! I agree 100% with every point.

I love how the 80/20 rule covers so many things. Only 28% of people get the right amount of exercise, close enough to 20% for the rule to apply.

Regarding egg prices, we purchase eggs nearly every week at our local Whole Foods. Prices have seemed to be stable with minimal fluctuation. The only indicator of an issue was a sigh posted two weeks ago limiting shoppers to a purchase of two dozen at a time.

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Great list, thank you !

I’ve always considered my OS as a WIP ...

It’s all a lifelong pursuit..

These lessons would top out a list of 100 things to never stop improving, imo

Number 6 goes deep, there is always an opportunity to learn from your peers. I’ve taken pages from all types of peoples books over the years and am better for it. Have an amazing weekend!

Thank you, carry on, haha

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Love your emails with one exception- when I want to follow an embedded link for more info sometimes i need to sign in again. I forget if you’ve given links where I need to subscribe to read. I think maybe not. But if link is good enough plz let me read easily. Love your stuff. Particularly todays on 7 improvements!!!

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Great article! I had an old professor who said “Knowledge flows from the fingertips”

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Be willing to listen.

You cannot learn what you THINK you already know.

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Love your list, Bill.

✅ Writing

✅ Public Speaking

✅ Problem Solving

✅ Practicing Generosity

✅ Negotiating

✅ Keeping Their Ego in Check

✅ Building Emotional Intelligence

I especially like a point you made about Practicing Generosity

1️⃣ There are many definitions of Generosity

There are so many ways to be generous and kind. While we all know about random acts of kindness, kindness can be used in far reaching ways....from sharing a smile with a stranger to delivering an employee review.

It's so important to build a kindness identity. Kindness in thought. Kindness in communication. Kindness in action.

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This was an Amazing post! BRAVO!

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What does going to LA every two years or so have to do with a high fat intake? 😬

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Maybe it's the surging demand for crunchy cricket tacos and fried in butter grasshopper filled burritos. I wonder why I have never tried Chipotle's.

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Great one today Bill. One thing I’m adding to my list when I do get out is to smile at people more. It’s so easy to get so involved in the reasons we’re out and about that we forget something as simple as smiling at others and really meaning it.

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writing may soon be obsolete with new AI chat

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