7 Things (Well 1 really - as Bill is on vacation) Who among us hasn't gone into the Usain Bolt pose when something went really good for us? Well, Mr Bolt has sought to Trademark his pose for a range of goods but if you didn't already know, he let his previous Trademark lapse.


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A few things worth knowing.

The UK will hold manufacturers responsible for accidents when vehicle is self-driving. I wonder what Canada and the US will decide to do.


Canadians are reducing their discretionary spending, with 80% of Canadians spending less in that category. Yup, there simply isn't enough to go around anymore. Hard to keep the economy rolling with the basic necessities of life costing so much.


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Stunning and so great of the Airline Crew, Passengers and Captain to go above and beyond the call of Duty so WE can all see above and beyond for Humanity

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Amazing video & eclipse shot

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Perhaps we are misguided by not electing photographers to rule the world. We need detail oriented people, difficult to achieve goals to go after and achieve, we need healthy skepticism combined with go-getter enthusiasm.

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what an amazing photo! thanks for sharing this story.

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So I had family members travel from Maine, pick my daughter and I up in Asheville NC and travel to Franklin NC, where viewing the eclipse was supposed to be optimal. What happened was like nothing else I’ve experienced. I’m attaching the few photos that turned out if I can. We laughed, we cried, we hugged, we did backbends!

And then we got stuck in 2 1/2 hr traffic for the 45 min drive home. 🤣🤣🤣

We didn’t care! We’d witnessed something together that we will always remember. And my husband missed the whole thing because he didn’t want to get stuck in the middle of all that humanity. What a stinker😝

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Shoot! I’d love to share these photos but can’t seem to figure out how🤨

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Tremendously moving story. Yes much of humanity has their own ‘where I was at the time of the 2017 eclipse’ experience. I’ve heard great testimonies and revelations. Being in Columbia, SC at the time - 2:43pm 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Our local minor league baseball team, the Columbia Fireflies, played a game and stopped during with the players all laying out on the field and fans in the stands with Solar eclipse glasses! Also, the Columbia Philatelic Society held their Stamp Show that weekend with a specially themed and designed cachet about the event. The Columbia State Museum held a conjoint event. Of course, I could go on and on about all the different participants.

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Where's the best place to get a copy of the photo?

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One of the many reasons I’m so drawn to Understandably is, getting to the “soul” of an event, or a person, or both.

Bill, you do such an incredible job of this. You take me to places I wouldn’t have the chance to go, or deeper into things or people I wouldn’t think to dive further into.

Today is a perfect example. This would just have been a picture for me.

5 days a week, I feel my world has expanded with an unexpected gift…it’s like someone came to me with a “heightened knowledge” and said “Here…open up and make some room for this in there…”

I just…I…well…………thank you.

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Glenn B and SMP said it very well. The soul of what and how you write is a gift to all who get to read and enjoy your brilliant writing. Thank you for this uplifting and glorious story. Southwest has a stellar branding opportunity with this.

Thank you for enriching our lives with your gifted prose - BRAVO!

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It’s such a gift to learn the “behind-the-scenes” about events that we may just take for granted. A wonderful story! Thank you.

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I was in northern Alabama so only a short drive to Tennessee to see it. It was a work day but I worked at an organization that “got it” and even got everyone glasses so I took the day off.

We drove by a WalMart. There must’ve been 10,000 people in the parking lot. We drove further found a church on top of a hill not a mile away.

The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. The next one is April 8, 2024.

I won’t miss it. You shouldn’t either.

I don’t have a great camera but a friend does and sent me a great pic.

A guy I worked with stayed in Alabama. He said 99% was just like 100%

Then I showed him the pic.

You need to see the next one if you can.

Thanks Bill for this story.

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All I can say is … Wow … !!!

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Wow! Great photo, fine story of determination and planning, and wonderful that the Southwest crew agreed the opportunity was awesome and worth pursuing. Thanks for highlighting this!

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