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It's my life's work

"To all the bureaucrats I've loved before ...

Can you help me move?

Free for all Friday

Rewrite This Story, But Do It Like It's the Opening Song From the Musical 'Hamilton'

Requiem for my commute

He's probably human!

Absolutely staggering

Traveling in a fried out Kombi

How much would you pay?

Highest jump on a pogo stick

They had their chance

How to make $1,000

Better enjoy the journey

What you get for $140,000 a month

Drunk shopping

Avoid cliches like the plague

Agency, control and trust (and kids)

Bare minimums

Adam Sandler and then some

Scare the rich

4 a.m. sunrise

Retirement warning

Tell me how this ends

Last minute, I remembered!

The flying house wife

Might have some bad news

Einstein's other theory

Crisis of confidence

Where are they now?

This story is untrue

10 and 2

I shave my head

19 words and more

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Keep it short

Requiem for a snow day

Pretty good day

Don't lose them!

7 things I've meant to share

Work buds

Habits 5, to stay alive

Good relationships keep us healthier and happier

Presidents Day 2023

I accept your apology

“I can confirm that the information is accurate ..."

Mental distraction from worrisome thoughts


No one gets out of here alive

What time is the Super Bowl?

Petty crime in Havana

Has anyone seen my phone?

What will this woman say next?

Employee's always right

I want to respect your time

I love you and I'm here

200 billion trillion

What did you see up there?

If you rest, you rust

7 things to never stop improving

Delicious folly

How much to sleep

Remote work

6 kinds of workers

Small talk, less awkward

Uncle Marty's funeral

This is fine

Letting people go

Happiest places to live


Read any good books?

5 little habits

11 am charmer

Everything else is secondary


Looking at all the variables?

It's like 'lord of the flies,' they said

Passion and perseverance


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