Sitemap - 2021 - Understandably by Bill Murphy Jr.

By the numbers

Live a little (longer)

Elvis hugged the startled Nixon


I think it's permanent

4 a.m.

Trade ya?



Straight to the top

Wait 'til next year

All smiles today

Just enough

'This is the part of myself I told you I struggle against'

Let's talk salary

A bit of a disaster

On behalf of John K. Elliott

Go to bed

'Here's what's going to happen...'


Perfect timing

Long story short

Calvin & Hobbes

Dream job (comment thread)

Confessions of an Uber driver

Learning to walk

3 major breakthroughs

Pay by the day

Decorate my mansion

3 things

Have to go to the bathroom

Happy birthday ... oh, wait!

Message for the boss


56 percent!

This is so dumb

Screaming into a void

'I think you're going to find this interesting...'

What did you do?

13 Rules for Leaders

Wayback machine

I started young

Grow new brain cells

91 percent female

The marshmallow study

Arguing over facts

Caillte san aistriúchán

Wake me in 20

Colin Powell's last words

What’s up, Holmies?

4.3 million people just quit their jobs

A nice break from everything

The stress is killing me

3 robots

50 oranges for some dental work

Perchance to dream

Pursuit of happiness

Big new movie idea (spoiler alert)

A zombie rising from the dead

Consider the cockroach

Connect the dots

Take the money and run

Open window policy

Sorry to be so dramatic

Totally ghosted

Say this, not that

Everybody's a critic

1 trick of a tiny belly

Not a step I wish to encourage

I would love for you to come help us out

Pushing 50

No longer a problem

Makes you laugh (but then...)

Sight unseen

What are we going to say?

It was 20 years ago today

Team Alpha

Tough work (if you can get it)

Go-bags and stay-bins

Bad news and big breaks

I wonder if Brandon still lives in a truck?

The most surprising thing about eggs

How to say no

X by Y by Z

I want to thank Ken Behrens for doing the right thing

A lot of people hated us

Coffee coffee coffee

How to make less-bad decisions

Someone has a case of the Mondays

Hey, this is a good idea!

Lost it all, came back stronger

7 healthy habits

"I typically do not leave a tip"

You don’t get any more memories

Best advice ever

Totally off the grid

How to win the lottery

How not to make my $1,400 mistake

In the beginning...

I have 10 questions for you

The most famous psychology study of all time was...

Does my name belong to me?

Are you the customer or the product?

We dedicate this to "the energy of we"

Should she have jumped again?

Inside Elon Musk's tiny house

How to eat the way Japanese people do, and why

Oh my God, what is she wearing?

Does this look ridiculous on me?

Season on the road

Remember when we all used to be into nostalgia?

60-second pain hacks

How to buy a car this summer

13 words (a story about Netflix and Slack)

Fugitive from the law of averages

What do you see in this picture?

Can I get you another cup of coffee?

How to keep cool when it's hot

Can we please buck the trend?

What happened to Netflix?


2 kinds of monkeys

Can't sit still (don't want to)

Fourth on the Fifth

Born on the 4th of July

Life in 1776

Most important meal of the day

Learn a language

Mister Consistency

Cadet in the red sash

I'd like to teach the world to sing

G'morning, sunshine

14 seconds of happy memories

The people you work with

ha!! great story!!!


What I miss about commuting

Father knows best

Welcome back (or not)!

Around the world in 15 months

You know what they say...

We need to talk about the mushrooms

What kind of car do you drive?

Fearless girl

Your ad here

Medal of Honor

Killer app

Same boat as the audience

moonlight the in alone all Memory,

Wing it (or not)

9 years

Books, a movie, milk and binoculars

No doubt about it

Magic words




Rich people




Free upgrades

The color blue

First person

I said yes

Don't worry, friend

Yet it moves

You go over there

Earth from space

I quit my job

Close your eyes





Chick's War

End of a trend

Science fiction

Loyal customers

What's up with Mary?



The Crate Escape

First 2 things

Best answer

Squirreled away

Mistakes were made

They had their chance

About time

Totally random

Under the bed

Nobody likes you

40 years, man

Role models

Happiness shocks

Great escape

Little experiment

Stunned and confused

Last minute

Kleenex, Band-Aid, Aspirin, Zoom

The bright side

Gas stations

the Hannah of our concern

7 hours

Hawaii and Oklahoma

Modest proposal

First available



9 out of 10

Trash talk

53 people

Not another Zoom call

8 minutes




Bite club


Didn't miss it











Pink hat bullhorn lady

Meet the new boss

Just 1 job

Know the details

Hello, this is Lenny

The pigeon of San Francisco

Optimism and sleep

No extra points for hard

Tom Brady Always Wins & 9 Smart Habits of People With High Emotional Intelligence

Hey y'all

Smart gut decisions

My fellow Americans

The ground is granite

In conclusion

Martin Luther King Jr.'s 15 minute speech

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Heroes and medals

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Better than nothing

True story, man

Little corners of the world

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