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May I have your attention, please?

First things first

Unhindered by all your junk

Mere managers

Call me direct on my Merry Xmas telephone!

The magical unicorn fund

'I'm too good for this'

'Amazon will fail'


4 day work week


The one that sent us the flowers

21 times people were very wrong, and counting

Are we having fun?

I think you should talk to a lawyer

13 percent

Tragedy plus time

Want a friend?

Pure madness!

Got the t-shirts

The way you kept the love alive in your heart

Round the world

Just as good as drugs, they say

19 things not to do

Harder thanks

Morning people

Front of the line

In a time of war

Very long haul

Divorce story

Retirement story

11 letter word for ...?

Zippers and drones

Shaggy haired civilians

'It was time'

Little Fabiola

Twitter (finally) matters

I've got questions

Can't happen here

Huge financial mistake

Shower thoughts

"See me"

Adults need friends

For a gangbanger, this is the highlight of your life

Take a hot bath

BLOCKED! On all the platforms!

Hey partner

Leaf blowers: Discuss

How to answer the phone

Best she had

How to look smarter

Jury of your peers


the incredibly stupid one

From problem to superpower (to $10 million)

Ross & friends

Older parents

Good news

If you are the Tylenol killer

The 37 percent rule

"Really really smart"

About 1 a.m., we decided would we would buy it…

Lost in translation

The rules of emotional intelligence

Perhaps you'd like to say a few words

Ovarian lottery

One of us will have to go

An entire encyclopedia

Find a problem (and solve it)


Victoria's other secrets

9 moments on the way to yes

Did you see that thing about...?

Day of gratitude

916 days!

the pursuit of Happiness...

Men who cheat

Personal best

"Write this down, young man"

Friends like these

I didn't know how to do fancy

Every job is worthwhile

Read the fine print


Great escape

Out of the rock business

A lamb surrounded by wolves

Colin Powell's last words

Not today

Perfect timing

The kids are watching

Big anniversary

Wordle words


Cute dog

Men with beards

If I could speak again...

Low power mode

Everything is a lie

If you use Gmail...

7 scenes in Hollywood

Nixon should be happy!

Of tested type

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Van life


We don't even know how tired we are


Heard any good jokes lately?

Your test starts ... now

Joni Mitchell

Inspired by Elon Musk

James Patterson is on the phone

Glitter in my wake


Did you get the memo?

The hero behind the legend

European vacation

Talking to strangers

Toward the sound of the guns

Let me tell you a story

The I-Want-It-Now Guy

Old white guys

Timeline cleanse

July 9

Kids and chores and pets

Elegy for the ski bum

Average Americans

Under the radar

And now for something completely different

I have the honor to be...

Captain of your soul

And now ... the United States of America...

Don't fly if you can drive

Side sleepers

Kids & video games

Dear Ann Landers

Jiggle jiggle

How are you feeling?

Better than the alternative

The man who did his job

The wonder is that we are here at all

Glamorous business traveler

Big reunion coming up

No sense of decency

Why wait for tomorrow?

They wear more shorts

Start from here

Let’s talk student loans

Tom is grateful

Greatest thing you ever did

Don't give up

Contributors @ Understandably

Renaming the bases

1 thing everyone can agree on

Number 27

How to spot a liar

Same thing every day

One word of advice

Clever, creative, effective

Immigrant story

I spilled my milkshake and I thought they'd bawl me out

Follow your passion

Signal boost!

Future footnote

I think I want my high pass

Maybe don't throw the punch?

Eat early today?

Last night I had the strangest dream

Technically, I could get into a lot of trouble

Big stories

My boss refuses to talk to subordinates

Hard cases make bad law

5 good ideas each week

Honestly, it’s not for everyone

What happens to your brain?

Meet the new boss

Lesser of two evils

Got a couple of questions

Plumbers and ghosts

Money & happiness

Kindness matters most

12 million people at work

A little advice

39 years later…

Friendly or Friendly's?

Use your social intelligence

Hey Charlie Brown, come kick this football

Sorry about that

Toys, games, and playthings

Free membership at YAA

Money hand over fist

I see your problem

Weird to say I coined it

Ambitious hustlers

Take a look in the mirror

Rest better, work better

It's a laugh a minute!

The book-knocker

'You should make an immediate impact'

The questions (Happiness Part 4 of 4)

The Study (Happiness Part 3 of 4)

The Paradox (Happiness Part 2)

The Offer (Happiness Part 1)

Half as likely as Alaska

Process of elimination

Gen Z in Ukraine

To a website dying young

43 ways to fall asleep faster

I’ll be back

Change it up

Don't look back (2nd attempt)

Don't look back

Try it twice

Wait, what was I going to write about?

Awfully tone deaf

What are you reading?

Series of events

I like it when things are simple

You've come to the right place!

Here's a question for you


Ukraine questions

I never answered no

I slept like 45 minutes last night

Things that go bump in the metaverse

President's Day (GHWB)

Why haven't you responded?

Who you gonna call?

Millions long for immortality

Creative, driven, careful

Heartbreaking but...

Someone for everyone

Separated by a common language

Go back to bed

Breaking up with Valentine's

Tacos as a service

Class clown

Bad advice

Sheer panic

Killer robots

What holds you back?

Talking traffic

Start over from the beginning

Really not sure what to make of this

7,000 other things

Sample wine ad

Working from home today

Bad customer service

Once I had my own place

Plenty of daylight

Easy habits


So many stories

Let me tell you about my grandkids

Do I even have time for this?

I didn't sign up for this

Could be worse

21 beautiful truths

The arc of the moral universe

I'm a fun guy

500 days

I, Bill Murphy Jr., do solemnly swear...